Product proofing

We have a professional product laboratory and are able to complete proofing services for a wide range of products.

Product Customization

We can design and customize products and complete product solutions according to customer needs and processes.

Process design

We are happy to provide customized designs for your plant’s production process and help you fill in the gaps to improve production efficiency.

Equipment Support

We have independent brands for the supply of textile and chemical machinery and can help our customers to solve the problems of raw materials and production lines.


Leading Technology

We can provide customized sample service for disperse mixed dyes or pigments, and we can restore 1:1 color and light power, so that customers can replace the original dyes directly with our dyes without changing the dyes formula. We can provide better products and lower cost.

System Service

We can provide the whole system and the whole process of sampling, testing and dyeing follow-up for orders with high quality requirements (e.g. color eye-catching, fastness requirements, etc.)

Customized Support

We can provide customers with a complete set of printing and dyeing auxiliary solutions in the process of printing and dyeing, and provide technical support for various difficulties encountered by customers in the process of printing and dyeing processing, production, upgrading and replacement.

Sustainability & Qualification

We have set up a specialized laboratory to conduct regular product tests and design experiments for customer needs, each in full compliance with the corresponding environmental policies and regulations.

All products are manufactured with safety, reliability and environmental protection in mind, resulting in better quality and a better experience.

The production process meets the requirements of environmental, health and safety systems.

Regular evaluations and inspections are conducted to ensure that each regulation is implemented and effective.

All employees adhere to, maintain and are fully aware of such policies.

Provide safer, greener and more sustainable products

Recent Cases

Better product replacement

A customer purchased 60 cui blue for RMB200/kg, after sending the sample to our company for analysis, we understood that the customer used it for dip dyeing, and it is a full polyester double-sided fabric which is not easy to color flower, so we recommended to use our company to develop 60:2 cui blue, the cost is about RMB40, which greatly reduces the dyeing cost of the customer.

Auxiliary product development

A long leave of an auxiliary production original purchase products of silicone oil emulsion, and then sold to customers. Through our technical support, the manufacturer mastered the technical breakthrough of synthesizing finished silicone oil from raw materials and emulsifying it into silicone oil emulsion, saving more than 40% of the cost and controlling the quality very well, helping the additives manufacturer to expand more customers and get better benefits.

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