Sylic CY-473 Cotton yarn hydrophilic silicone oil

  • Min.Order Quantity:1,000kgs
  • Supply Ability:30,000tons
  • Port:Any Port
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Product info

This product is a kind of silicone softener modified by linear multi-component copolymerization block. It has a brand-new molecular structure. EO, PO, amino and alkyl organic segments are regularly embedded in the main chain of the molecule, which endows it with better excellent effect and higher cost performance than ordinary block silicone oil, completely changes the characteristics of traditional amino silicone oil, and effectively solves the common problems existing in traditional amino silicone oil.

Physical and Chemical properties

External View: Transparent Blue Emulsion

Ionic: Weak Yang/Nonionic

Content: 42%-44% (105℃, 3 hours)


Soft and fluffy hand feeling style and strong cotton texture;

Has excellent hydrophilicity;

The invention has wide application range and has effects on various fabrics containing cotton, hemp and viscose;

No yellowing, suitable for hand finishing of white, light-colored and whitening fabrics;

There are no problems such as roll sticking, cylinder sticking, oil bleaching, emulsion breaking, etc. in the use process.

It can be used in combination with cationic and nonionic softeners to significantly improve the overall performance of softeners.

It has certain hydrophilicity and antistatic function, and can be re-dyed after stripping.

And can improve the application performance and acid and alkali resistance stability;

It has excellent compatibility, acid and alkali resistance, electrolyte resistance, high temperature resistance and high shear resistance, and the emulsion is very stable under alkaline and high temperature conditions.


120 or 1000kg plastic drums.

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