Sylic® 619 Silver Antibacterial Agent

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  • Supply Ability:30,000tons
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Product info

The growth of microorganisms on textiles can lead to functional, hygienic and aesthetic problems. For example, unpleasant smells on close-fitting clothing such as socks, the spread of germs, pollution and degraded textiles are all adverse effects of microbial attack; specifically, many problems caused by bacterial fungi on textiles include discoloration, Color stains and damage to fibers, etc. The presence of silver antibacterial agents can keep textiles fresh and avoid odors. It is suitable for all types of fiber fabrics that often come in direct contact with the skin, including natural and synthetic fibers.

Physical and Chemical properties

Chemical composition: silver-titania compound slurry liquid

Water-soluble: dispersed in water

Product appearance: white or off-white slurry liquid

Compatibility: Can be used with general textile chemicals (such as softeners, fragrance finishing agents, etc.), but pre-tests are required before use to confirm compatibility


1) Reference dosage: according to the different textiles treated, the usage method is different and the desired effect is different CY-619: 6-10g / L

2) Instructions for use: CY-619 may appear delaminated after being left for a period of time, but It does not affect the effect after being evenly mixed, and it needs to be evenly mixed before use.

3) Application method: padding method

4) Application example: padding method finishing CY-619: 6-10g / L

padding → drying (general drying temperature) → Stereotypes


1) CY-619 should be stored in a cool and dry place, avoiding sunlight;

2) When used, CY-619 is added to the prepared solution as the last component;

3) It can be used with ordinary textiles Chemicals (such as softeners, fragrance finishing agents, etc.) are used together, but pre-tests are required before use to confirm compatibility;

4) CY-619 is used to maintain the freshness of the fabric, reduce malodor, and provide fabric protection Antimicrobial

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