CY-110B Scouring Enzyme (Granular)

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Product info

Main ingredients
inorganic salts, surfactants

Performance and characteristics
1. In the pre-treatment process, it is not necessary to use caustic soda or reduce the amount of caustic soda, and the scouring agent, the chelating dispersing agent and the oxygen bleaching stabilizer are integrated into one, which has the characteristics of simple and convenient use and remarkable reduction of process cost.
2. Excellent refining effect, low alkali content, low weight loss rate, obviously improve the hand feeling and hair effect of the pre-treated fabric after refining; has strong iron ion chelation force, can effectively improve the oxygen bleaching hole of fabric long car processing .
3. Low COD value and low wastewater discharge.
4. Excellent solubility and can be dissolved in cold water.
5. The product is suitable for the pre-treatment of the textile fabric with the whitening agent and the same bath processing technology. It has good stability with the whitening agent. It can prevent the precipitation of dyes in the whitening agent during processing and produce color points. 

   1. Cotton woven fabric alkali-oxygen one-bath steaming process:
CY-110B: 20-30 g/L, H2O2 (100%): 8-10 g/L, temperature: 98-102 ° C, steaming time: 60-90 min.
    2. Cotton fabric cold reactor process:
NaOH (100%): 10-25g / L, CY-110B: 20-30g / L, H2O2 (100%): 13-17g / L, stacking at room temperature for 16-24h, alkaline washing, hot wash.
    3. Cotton knit compound alkaline oxygen one bath bleaching process:
CY-110B: 2-3 g / L, H 2 O 2 (27.5%): 5-7 g / L, temperature: 95-98 ° C, time: 40-60 min.

The specific process should be adjusted by the user as appropriate.

Physical and Chemical properties

Technical indicators 
Appearance White powder
pH value (1 ‰ aqueous solution) ≥10.5


Suitable for intermittent and continuous pre-treatment of cotton woven or knitted fabrics.


25kg woven bag, sealed and protected from light, shelf life of 12 months at room temperature.

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