Hydrophilic Cationic Softener Flake CY-9006

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Product info

Hydrophilic Cationic Softener Flake DW is an especial amide compounds,which is mainly used for cotton and blended fabric softening.Especially suitable for bleaching, light color such as pure cotton, polyester/cotton fabric softening, DW can make the fabric feeling more smooth and softening.

–DW is mainly used for bleaching, light color and have strictly request for colored yarn, fabric softening;
–DW has Excellent hydrophilic;
–DW almost no yellowing, dialogue and the effect of light is minimal
–DW can be used with the anion, whitening agent together in bath, which has the characteristics of nonionic
–DW has Excellent salt-tolerant alkalis
–Low viscosity and low foaming.

Physical and Chemical properties

Physical and Chemical Specification

–Composition: Special amide compounds

–Appearance: pale yellow flakes.
–PH value: 4.0-6.0(at 10% aqueous solution)
— Ionic character: weak cationic.

Dilution Method
–Warm dilution: pour the flakes slowly into room temperature water in the proportion of 5-10%, stirring it for 3-5 mins, gradually heating up to 65-75 ℃, than continue to stir it completely dissolved until the flakes became a paste.

Direction for Usage
–Padding process:DW(10%) 30-50g/L, padding working liquid at 30-40℃(Rolling over rate 70-90%), drying.
–Dipping process:DW(10%)3-8% (o. w. f), bath ratio 1:10-15 for 15-30 minutes at 20-30℃,Dehydration and drying.


Mainly used for cotton and blended fabric softening.


Storage and Package
–The shelf life is 1 year when store in a cool, dry and dark room.
–25 KG in nylon woven bag.

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