Disperse Blue 359(Disperse Blue Dyes)

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  • Supply Ability:17.000 Ton/Yea
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Product info

Product Name: Disperse Blue 359
Color Index: 359
CAS No.: 62570-50-7
EINECS: 263-606-6
Molecular Formula: C17H13N3O2

Physical and Chemical properties

1.Smaller particle size than normal disperse dyes.
2.Excellent Performance to be used for heat transfer printing ink and
digital ink-jet.
3.Good Producibility and Brilliance on the dacron fabric.
4.Dry/Wet rubbing fastness or Washing fastness can reach 5 grade.
5.The best transfer printing condition is at the paste viscosity of 60 mPa·s
and under the temperature of 210℃,the best time is 40s.
6.The recommended size is 150-160 nm,which will reflect good stability


Micro-Disperse Dyes mainly used for heat transfer printing and inkjet inks area.


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Generally,we use 25KGS carton box or 25KGS woven bag with pallet.

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