CY-528 Anticrease Agent

  • Min.Order Quantity:1,000kgs
  • Supply Ability:30,000tons
  • Port:Any Port
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Product info

Main component 
special polymer dispersion

Performance and characteristics
1. Suitable for cellulose fibers, wool, polyester, nylon and other fibers and blended fabrics.
2. It can prevent the generation of wrinkles in the rope-like wet processing process of natural fibers and rayon fibers and their blended fabrics.
3. It has excellent stability and is resistant to hard water, alkali and electrolyte.
4. Low foaming.

1. Chemical method: It is recommended to use a ratio of 1 to 20 at 50-55 ° C, stir for about 1 h, and the appearance of the product is milky white.
2. According to the type of fabric, gram weight and bath ratio, the recommended dosage: 1-2g / L (diluted product), the fabric is first run in a soft bath for 5-10min, and then proceed as usual.
The specific process should be adjusted by the user as appropriate.

Physical and Chemical properties

Technical indicators

Appearance Yellow transparent liquid

Moisture (%) ≤0.5

pH (1% aqueous solution) 5.0-7.0



Suitable for pre-treatment, dyeing and post-treatment rope processing of various fabrics.


120 kg plastic drum, sealed and stored in the dark, with a shelf life of 12 months at room temperature.

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