CY-518 Soda Substitute

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Product info

Main component
buffer active base complex

Performance and characteristics
1. It is used as a fixing base for dyeing reactive dyes. It can be used as a substitute for caustic alkali, soda ash, trisodium phosphate and mixtures thereof.
2. The amount used in fixing is small, only 1/8-1/10 of the amount of soda ash.
3. Due to the synergistic effect of a variety of basic compounds, the ability to control the pH value of the dye bath is stronger, ensuring uniform dyeing, continuous dyeing, and controlling the dyeing speed. It is especially suitable for varieties such as emerald blue, grass green, and bean paste to reduce the rate of staining.
4. The fixing bath has low viscosity and can avoid the staining problem caused by the viscosity of the fixing bath. It can be used in various types of dyeing equipment, especially for low-bath dyeing of cheese yarn.
5. The residual alkali is easy to wash off, which can save two times of washing.

Light color 0.5-1g/L; medium color: 1.5-2g/L; dark color: 2-3g/L
The specific process should be adjusted by the user as appropriate.

1. CY-518 is a highly alkaline and corrosive substance that should be disposed of with appropriate safety measures. Avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes. If it gets stuck, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
2. Before use, it should be turned into a solution and added in two to three times.
3. After the product is opened, it must be sealed immediately and not exposed to the air.

Physical and Chemical properties

Technical indicators
Appearance White powder
pH (0.2% aqueous solution) 11.5-12.5
Solubility soluble in water


Instead of caustic, soda ash, trisodium phosphate and mixtures thereof, it is used for fixing color in the dyeing process of reactive dyes.


25kg woven bag, pay attention to moisture, seal and protect from light, and have a shelf life of 12 months at room temperature.

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