CY-411H Anti-sticksoaping Agent

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  • Supply Ability:30,000tons
  • Port:Any Port
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Product info

Main ingredients 
Surfactant and polymer compound

Performance and characteristics
1. It has excellent cleaning, dispersing and suspending effects on the unfixed activity, reduction, direct dye, alkali agent and electrolyte on dyed and printed textiles, thus improving the color fastness of textiles.
2. It has excellent anti-staining effect, mainly for printing fabric to prevent white stain; for dyeing fabric, it can not only clean the stain but also prevent the stain on the equipment during the dyeing process.
3. Low foaming.

Recommended dosage: batch process 0.5-2g/L; continuous process 1-3g/L.
The specific process should be adjusted by the user as appropriate.

Physical and Chemical properties

Technical indicators
Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid
Solid content (%) 19.5-21.5
pH (1% aqueous solution) 8.0-10.0
Ionic Anionic/ Nonionic


Suitable for soaping of reactive dyes, vat dyes, direct dyes, nano-flot dye printing and dyed fabrics.


120 kg plastic drum, sealed and stored in the dark, with a shelf life of 12 months at room temperature.

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