CY-211B Cotton Fixing Agent (Brilliant Blue)

  • Min.Order Quantity:1,000kgs
  • Supply Ability:30,000tons
  • Port:Any Port
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Product info

Main component 
High molecular polymer with special reactive groups

Performance and characteristics
1. Low color change, can significantly improve the soaping, washing, sweating, seawater and other fastness of the fabric.
2. The fastness of reactive dyes, especially those dyed with reactive dyes such as turquoise, brilliant blue, is significantly improved.
3. Does not affect the feel of the dyed fabric, does not affect the hydrophilicity of the fabric.
4. Free of formaldehyde or formaldehyde.

1. Dipping process: general dosage 1.0-4.0% (o.w.f)
pH 5-7
Temperature 40-60 ° C
Time 20-30min.
2. Rolling and solidification process: the general dosage is 5-30g/L.
Please determine the specific amount according to the color depth and the fastness requirements of the fabric itself.

The specific process should be adjusted by the user as appropriate.

Physical and Chemical properties

Appearance Yellow transparent liquid
Solid content (%) 25.5-27.5%
pH (1% aqueous solution) 6.0-7.0
Ionic: Cationic/ Nonionic


It is suitable for dyeing after reactive dyes or printing and fixing. It is especially suitable for fabrics with high color vividness.

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