CY-125 Multifunctional Refining Agent

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  • Supply Ability:30,000tons
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Product info

Main ingredients

inorganic salts, surfactants

Performance and characteristics

This product is a multi-functional scouring additive that integrates functions such as alkali, refining, penetration and sequestration. For alkaline oxygen one bath bleaching

In the process, only the product and hydrogen peroxide need to be added, which is not only simple and convenient to use, but also has a low weight loss rate and a low COD value of the wastewater.


  1. Cotton knitting process:

CY-125: 2-3g/L, H2O2 (27.5%): 4-6g/L, temperature: 98°C, time: 40-60min

Rapid process: 110 ° C × 15-20 min, 120 ° C × 10-15 min.

The processing temperature of spandex-containing fabrics should not exceed 105 °C.

  1. Polyester cotton knitting process:
    CY-125: 1-3 g/L, H2O2 (27.5%): 4-8 g/L, temperature: 98 ° C, time: 40-60 min.
  1. Package yarn and skein process:
    CY-125: 2-4 g/L, H2O2 (27.5%): 4-8 g/L, temperature: 98 ° C, time: 60-90 min.
  1. Woven fabric dyeing processing:
    CY-125: 1-5 g/L.


The specific process should be adjusted by the user as appropriate.

Physical and Chemical properties

Technical indicators

Appearance White powder

pH value (1‰ aqueous solution) ≥11.0



It is suitable for the alkaline oxygen one-bath pretreatment process of cotton, polyester-cotton warp and weft knitted fabrics, towels, cheese yarns, skeins, etc.


25kg woven bag, sealed and protected from light, shelf life of 12 months at room temperature.

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