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  • Paint printing adhesive TK-319A
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Product info

Main component special polymer
Technical indicators Appearance White with blue liquid
Solid content (%) 35.0-37.0
pH (stock solution) 7.5-9.0
Ionic yin

Physical and Chemical properties

1. The printing color is bright, the color is high, and the compatibility with the
thickener is good.
2. Has a soft hand, good rubbing fastness and brushing fastness.
3. Excellent thermal stability and mechanical stability, excellent emulsion dispersion
effect, and no netting during printing.
4. The self-crosslinking reaction has good performance and the film formation is
5. Environmentally friendly, suitable for baby clothing.


It is suitable for flat net, round net, plate, cut sheet coating and non-woven printing
on cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabric; it is also suitable for flocking processing with
soft rubber coating and flocking glue.


120 kg plastic drum, sealed at 0-40 °C for storage, shelf life at room temperature for
6 months.

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