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What dyes using for polyester fabrics

What dyes are used for dyeing polyester fabrics? Polyester fabric dyeing disperse dye, polyester, also known as polyester, full name polyethylene terephthalate, is an organic synthetic fiber completely free of hydrophilicity. Therefore, conventional direct, acidic, active and other water-soluble dyes cannot be adsorbed onto such hydrophobic fibers, and thus cannot be dyed. However, since the reducing and sulphide dyes are large in molecular size and the associated particles of the molecules are larger, they are less likely to penetrate into the polyester macromolecules having high crystallinity and dense structure.

The disperse dye is a small molecule pigment without a water-soluble group, has a good affinity with the hydrophobic polyester, and has a small molecule, and can be drilled when the polyester fiber is expanded under the influence of high temperature. The gap between polyester fibers, therefore, can only be used to dye polyester.

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