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The applications of fluorescent dyes

After the fluorescent dye absorbs ultraviolet rays or visible rays, it converts the short-wavelength light into a visible light wave with a longer wavelength and then re-emits it, showing bright and vivid colors. This is another substance that can be emitted after absorbing light waves of a certain wavelength and that is larger than the light wave that absorbs light. Most of them have benzene rings or heterocyclic rings with conjugated double bonds.

Here are some applications for sharing fluorescent dyes as follows:

Scientific applications: Fluorescent dyes are often used in research for fluorescence immunoassays, fluorescent probes, and cell staining. Including specific DNA staining for chromosome analysis, cell cycle, apoptosis and other related research.

Industrial Applications: Fluorescent dyes can be used as brighteners in laundry detergents, and fluorescent dye products such as various fluorescent road marking paints. It is also used in the production of textile fabrics and certain special signs.

Fluorescent dyes are used in many applications, mainly in industrial and scientific applications as described above.

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