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Reactive dyes for printing and dyeing

Reactive printing and dyeing is the combination of active dyes and fiber molecules in the process of dyeing and printing, so that the dye and fiber form a whole. The fabric has excellent dustproof performance, high cleanliness and high color fastness. Of course, the cost is much higher than pigment printing. It is the dyestuff used in printing that is a reactive dye. Generally high-viscosity sodium alginate is used as the paste stream (it has small denaturation, small amount of seepage, and can keep the flower pattern as it is), and most of them are double-reactive M-type reactive dyes ( The dye has a better fixing rate and lifting power, while reducing the color of the teat when the color of the prescription / 9L a 'reactive dye x urea 1 2x anti-staining salt S 10 amount of water suitable amount of alkali 15-30). Active printing has many advantages over pigment printing, such as good air permeability, excellent fastness, and soft hand, but there are also problems such as cumbersome printing process, long process flow, and difficult processing. The general active printing and dyeing can ensure that the environment is harmless to humans, and the color and fabric feel better, and there will be no hard and soft feeling. After people buy clothes made from dyed knit fabrics, they will be more comfortable to wear, and that is because they are more popular with people.

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