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Raw Material of Dye Supply Shortage 

Jiangsu or shut down the pharmaceutical, pesticide and dye intermediates projects in coastal chemical parks!

On May 22, an exclusive report by the financial association's reporter ("Jiangsu Provincial People's Government's discussion paper on the implementation of the "141" environmental governance project for coastal chemical parks") showed that the Jiangsu coastal cities Lianyungang, Yancheng, and Nantong three chemical parks The pharmaceuticals, pesticides and dyes intermediates projects were listed in the two major categories of “prohibited, non-approved” and “eliminated, and projects will be shut down within a limited period of time”.

The document was a discussion paper on May 16 and sources said that it may be finalized by the end of the month. It is understood that, referring to the environmental protection and rectification practices in some areas, companies that need to carry out environmental upgrading and rectification may be divided into three categories: edge-up production, production stoppages, and phase-out conversion.

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