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Power of dyestuff industry

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Chinese dye industry. On April 10th, the China National Dyestuff Industry Association sponsored a 100-year glorious summary of Chinese dyes, which was held in Shanghai. The conference pointed out that in the past 100 years, the Chinese dyestuff industry has grown from small to large, from small to large, from single species to rich and varied, and today's production level has reached the international advanced level. The scale of production has ranked the top of the world, and it is stepping into the dye industry power.

Shi Xianping, President of China Dye Industry Association, introduced the history of Chinese dyes and looked forward to the future of the industry. He introduced the achievements of China's dye industry from four aspects. First, the scale of production has grown, and China has become the world's largest producer of dyes. In 2017, China produced 990,000 tons of dyes, organic pigments, 246,000 tons, pigment intermediates, 363,000 tons, sales revenue totaled 59.1 billion yuan, and profits and taxes totaled 8.9 billion yuan.

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