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Intermediates of dyes will global rise

The reason lies in the northern part of Jiangsu Province. Due to the continuous fermentation of environmental events in Yancheng and Lianyungang, the Lianyungang, Guanyun, and Yancheng Xiangshui three major chemical parks stopped production and remediation of all chemical companies. The entire area and its H acid-producing factories have been affected. In addition, environmental protection has been stricter in these years, and small-scale intermediate producers have continued to shut down, leaving few of them. Including Jiangsu Mingsheng, which has been discontinued for half a year, has made the supply of H acid intermediates worse.

The price hike with H-acid is global, including India. Therefore, the rise in prices of this intermediate will change everyone's views. The increase in activity is not a simple environmental issue, but a deeper, iterative process of historical problems. According to the analysis of these situations, the rise of reactive dyes is most likely to rise by RMB 5000-10,000/t directly next Monday.

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